Current events interest lacking among students

Students have no excuse for ignorance of current events


I was in my Political Participation class the first day of the government shutdown. Before the bell even rang, I heard someone ask, “Wait, what do you mean the government shut down?” In that moment, I realized students need to work a lot harder on keeping up with current events.

Being well-versed in what is happening locally, nationally and internationally will give students an in-depth knowledge of what is affecting their every day lives. With 24-7 news outlets both online and on TV, it is nearly impossible to ignore current issues. You could even scroll through your Twitter feed to see both ignorant and thoughtful comments on all things current.

It is not difficult to take five minutes out of your day to read CNN online or watch the news while getting ready for school. Keeping up with current issues will not only help students be informed of political and newsworthy occurrences, but it will also educate them on the reasoning and dynamics behind them.

It is time for students to take the initiative to keep up with the events affecting their lives daily. You’re upset that gas is up an entire 20 cents? You are stressed that you can’t get a passport for your family vacation coming up? If you kept up with current events, you wouldn’t be as surprised when it costs you $4 per gallon or that passports are not being issued until the government gets their act together.

Luckily, almost all forms of news have become easily accessible. Once students understand that current events affect all of us every day, perhaps the value placed on keeping up with them will increase.

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