Cross country teams struggle at Rim Rock Classic

Weather, injuries and competition affect times for the boys and girls cross country teams

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The boys cross country team placed eighth out of 45 and the girls placed 17th out of 25 at the Rim Rock Classic on Saturday, Sept. 27.

Head coach Mark Chipman said the difficulty of the course affected results.

“We’re probably a little disappointed; I thought we might do a little better,” Chipman said. “It’s a tough course. We’ve run on it before so we know what it’s like, but it’s the first time freshmen have run so it’s kind of an eye-opener for them.”

Injuries also impacted the team, according to junior Marianne Hoyt.

“I think it was a rough day for everyone,” Hoyt said. “A lot of us had really bad cramps, and [sophomore Anna Clayborn] got hurt, so it’s been a hard day, but we got through it.”

Senior Callahan Eckardt said the team will focus on improving what hindered them at Rim Rock.

“I think we just ran on tired legs,” Eckardt said. “We’ve got the big goal in mind down the road. [We will] definitely work on pack running together and probably a little more hill work.”

Chipman said the amount of competition at Rim Rock gives the team an idea of what state will be like.

“It’s tough competition [at Rim Rock], it’s not just Kansas, it’s also Missouri and Oklahoma and more,” Chipman said. “We’ll learn from it, and go back here and run at it at state.”

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