Cozy’s Cafe offers comfort with a twist

By Sarah Fulton

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

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Rich dark colors greet you as you enter the door of Cozy’s Cafe, 6740 W. 75 St. in Overland Park. The restaurant is small, but well decorated and inviting with real flowers on every table. A jukebox plays in the corner as the enticing smells circulate from the open kitchen.

 Seating is open, so you to sit by kitchen and watch the food being cooked; or by the front wall of windows or as far away from any other person as possible. Most tables seat four but one large table is available.

Despite serving breakfast, lunch and dinner all day, Cozy’s has only a moderate amount of options for each. Yet I did not feel as if I lacked any options. Cozy’s offered a lamb burger with French fries and Osso Bucca, veal shanks with risotto.

I ordered the lasagna, made with spinach, cheese and meat sauce and served with salad. The food came out in about 15 minutes and was absolutely beautiful. The plate was a perfect white overall showcasing a perfectly green salad and a massive pile of lasagna. The lettuce in the salad was fresh and crisp; the dressing was light and sweet without being sugary. I loved it, and I do not even like salad dressing. It was accented by some delicious crumbly white cheese that I can still not identify but desperately want more of.

Some of that amazing cheese would have benefited the lasagna. However, that was my only criticism of the lasagna. The spinach made it upscale, while the simple meat sauce made it accessible. The pasta was perfectly well cooked and layered in a random crisscross fashion the made eating it a sort of treasure hunt. The spinach was plentiful and balanced out the rich meaty sauce. I wanted to consumer the entire mountain of food, but only made it halfway through before my stomach wanted to explode.

For around $10 an entrée Cozy’s is a great option, the entire experience for a lack of better words, made me feel cozy.

Overall score: four out of five stars.


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