Counselor Randy Burwell supports College Board changes

AP classes and SAT tests have been undergoing change and will continue to change


Who changes the SAT and AP classes?

The AP tests are orchestrated by the College Board, which also does the SAT.

What are the changes to the AP classes?

AP curriculums are going through very different stages of review right now. AP Bio and Chemistry already underwent revision. They’re trying to create an alignment between the AP curriculum and national college courses, but the actual AP exams will look relatively the same. They’re also going to give AP teachers better training and just improve the curriculum. For example, in AP Physics, there’s going to be a certain percent of time allocated for labs from the get-go.

What do you think of the changes?

I think they’re great. The process is that each class goes into revision and it brings better resources to the teachers. As for the SAT is going, I like how the test is reflective. It’s trying to be a better indicator of success in college instead of making you memorize vocab words. It’s trying to prepare students for success at the post-secondary level. It’s asking if they have the resources to thrive in college instead of having them memorize useless vocabulary.

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