Corner Cafe Review


By Photo by Alana Flinn

Oversized baked goods and authentic American cuisine are the staples of Corner Café, a diner that is not really a café at all. The large red barn located in Kansas City, MO. offers large portions of home cooking in a country-themed eatery. The atmosphere is positively charming, as antique gas station signs hang on the walls and country music plays.

I was almost reluctant to order a burger and fries because the rest of the menu looked so delicious, but the burger ended up being a great choice. There are three options: the one pound burger, a ½ pound and the one I ate, which is the ¼ pound burger. The patty was a little too salty for my liking, but the fresh vegetables that topped the burger distracted from the onslaught of sodium. I ordered the french fries loaded (which is a $1 upcharge), and they were much better unloaded. The shredded cheese on top was not melted, and the bacon bits did little to help considering they were all in one corner of the plate. However, after I picked off all of the lackluster toppings, the French fries were very crispy and delicious by themselves.

One of the downsides of the burger was how expensive add-ons were. You can choose from one free topping, which can be anything from cheese to grilled mushrooms. If you want a loaded burger, it is an extra 40 cents per topping.

While you will undoubtedly have leftovers from your meal, you cannot leave the Corner Café without eating a fresh baked good. I chose the cinnamon roll, which is about eight inches in diameter. The frosting is homemade, and the warm roll is enough to send you into a sugar coma. I recommend everyone at the table share this dessert, as it took three of us to eat only half of it. The restaurant also offers a wide variety of pies, which are all homemade and are offered as specials according to day of the week.

Overall, this restaurant is worth the drive to eat some delicious home-style cooking.

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