Colleges should offer more scholarships for studying abroad

Studying abroad gives young people the ability to become more socially and culturally aware

Allison Seck , JAG editor-in-chief

Studying abroad is one of the most beneficial experiences a young person can have. By studying in a new country, you can learn firsthand about different cultures and social norms. By learning that firsthand, it helps us become more socially aware and sensitive to the world around us. 

This summer, I had the pleasure of traveling to Europe with my family. I learned so much about how life was lived there in our 10-day trip, more than I had learned about Europe in my 11 years of schooling. 

We visited old churches, famous monuments, ancient castles, and more importantly, we learned the customs of each country we visited and came to understand them. 

I know that not all people have the privilege of traveling abroad, but universities should make it more attainable to do so. If more young people were able to travel abroad, our world would be far more educated. 

Our country would be much more socially aware and culturally sensitive, and there would no longer be so much of a culture shock. 

Traveling abroad would allow our world to become more connected and understanding. Not only that, but traveling also allows for personal development and taking in new cultures. 

Being on your own in a foreign country is quite a new experience for most people.

Some might find that studying abroad will bring out an independent nature and help you grow your curiosity. 

Studying abroad is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and to gain an understanding of different cultures. 

If colleges offered a wider range of scholarships for studying abroad, young people would have a better understanding of how our world works.

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