College athletics are more entertaining to watch than professional sports

Collegiate athletes are more passionate about the sports they play


Taylor Sitzmann, JAG academics editor

In the United States, we love our sports. Most families are watching the baseball game on Sunday afternoon, and the football game on Sunday night. Growing up every week my family watched KU basketball, I can remember the whole family being so interested and entertained. It was so fun to watch something we all loved so much. As much as we loved both college and professional sports, collegiate level sports were more interesting to watch due to the bond we feel with the team.

Being paid for your talent does not necessarily mean that you are the best at it. While they are not paid, college players are more interesting to watch. Not all professional players are interested in the game. This shows in their motivation and drive for the game, which results in lower performance and talent. On the other hand, college sports more fun to watch, because they have more passion in themselves and for their sport particularly.

Unfortunately, most of these players won’t have a professional career, which means they live more in the moment. College players simply give it their all because it could mean something huge for their school and themselves. Professional players just don’t show the same passion. Most college athletes are extremely loyal to their sport and school. They put lots of hard work into getting a scholarship, and are less likely to switch universities than professional players are to change teams.

The players’ loyalty continues past their graduation. Often, players come back to the same place for remembrance of amazing memories. One of the top reasons why college sports are more fun to watch is that students and alumni become a family that stays with the team and them for rest of their lives.

The drive and passion that most college athletes show is unmatchable to most of professional athletes. Overall there is more motivation to succeed at the college level, making it more entertaining to watch.


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