Coin drive successful

Lisa Joerling, reporter

Last month seminars collected donations for our school’s fourth coin drive. This year it raised $1,426.52 towards the Shawnee Mayor Christmas Tree Fund, which helps families in need through TLC for Children and Families, an emergency shelter for abused or neglected children up to age 18. The JAGS community service club got involved with the program and collected money during seminars. Art teacher Jodi Ellis was in charge of the donations and thinks donating was worthwhile.

“I think it’s a really important thing to help with, Mill Valley rose to the occasion as they always do,” Ellis said.

Ellis hopes to make the coin drive an annual event.

“With a bigger school population, more people will be willing help,” Ellis said.

Freshman Alyssa Hobson agrees.

“We all chose to go, everyone helped,” Hobson said. “It’s a really good place to go because [TLC] probably doesn’t get a lot of help.”

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