Clubsgiving has its biggest turnout yet

Clubs meet for a yearly thanksgiving feast hosted by Student Council, Wednesday, Oct. 15


By Julia Shumaker

Reaching across the mac and cheese, StuCo advisor Jessica DeWild helps serve students

Hailey Perrin, JagWire reporter/photographer

StuCo hosted the fifth annual Clubsgiving potluck dinner Wednesday, Nov. 16, having its biggest turnout with 150 different club members in attendance. Members from all school clubs were invited to the potluck dinner, giving students a chance to meet and mingle with other students from different clubs.

There was an abundance of available food, which complicated things for the StuCo members who organized the night, according to Clubsgiving committee leader senior Avery Blubaugh.

“Planning food and dishes, I would say that’s the hardest part,” Blubaugh said.

Despite the large quantity of students who attended clubsgiving, there were only four students to help set up compared to the usual twenty, according to Blubaugh.

Despite the difficulty of setting it all up, StuCo sponsor Erica Matyak thought that the number of students was amazing.

“Everybody was just so happy and excited to be there even though some students had to wait quite a while for the food,” Matyak said.

Tables were packed with people chatting and coloring on Thanksgiving themed coloring sheets. Once the pie eating contest began, the room was buzzing with excitement. Sophomores Marissa Akehurst and Elise Davis thought it was the best part of the night.

“[The contest] was so fun to watch, we should do it next year,” Davis said. 

Clubsgiving has come a long way from when it was originally created by former StuCo member Hannah Barnes. 

“Hannah Barnes was our student body president and it’s just an idea that she had. When we did our very first Clubsgiving, she planned everything,” Matyak said. “The purpose was to get the clubs together and for each club to have some time to share their ideas about what their club is doing,” said Matyak. 

Blubaugh spoke of the same goals when asked about her favorite part of clubsgiving.

“I love how this is the only event where all clubs can get together,” Blubaugh said. “Throughout the year, people from chess club aren’t gonna get together with people from NHS. So it’s an opportunity for people to mingle with other groups [and] see what activities they have planed.”

After thanking fellow Clubsgiving committee members Walt Midyett, Sidney Claeys, Preston Fischer and Eli Olson, Bluebaugh reflects on the success of the event. 

“I just love seeing how there’s never a dull moment here,” Blubaugh said. “Everyone is always talking [and] getting food,” Blubaugh said. 

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