Clubs require more support

Connor Oswald, JagWire reporter

I remember in eighth grade when several high school students came to Mill Creek and gave a presentation over the student-life at their school. I found myself listening in awe as they described all the activities available. It seemed there was an activity for everyone. Do you like writing? There was a club for that. Video games? There was one for that, too. But when I arrived here, I found myself wondering, “Where are all the clubs I was so excited about?”

In my opinion, the lack of clubs is caused by the administration’s procedures for starting new clubs and a low amount of student motivation to start them.

The major problem with the procedure for creating clubs is that students can’t create and participate in a club during the same school year. That makes it more difficult harder to create a club, which is often daunting for the founders. This also alienates seniors, as they can’t create new clubs. It would be beneficial to the student body if clubs began sooner. If an application is turned in first semester, then it should be approved and started second semester.

As of now, a few other people and me are in the process of developing a club. While I’m glad I finally started making the club, I’m a little disappointed in myself. I waited too long and didn’t have enough drive. That’s what our student body is lacking – the motivation to start a club. Instead of complaining that school doesn’t cater to a specific interest, we should do something about it. If we all get motivated and start creating and supporting clubs, we can finally have the type of school where there actually is an activity for everyone.


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