Club 121 welcomes new members

Group holds kickoff event on Saturday, Sept. 5 to plan for the upcoming school year

Allison Winker, JAG editor-in-chief

Club 121 kicked off the new school year and welcomed new members during a celebration held Saturday, Sept. 5, at the Grey Oaks neighborhood picnic area.

Club members and guests at the event played volleyball and participated in discussions around an evening bonfire.

Sophomore treasurer Jordan Robinson was among those in attendance and said the club is improving from last year.

“Last year we actually weren’t even an official club, and we didn’t have the leadership board that we have now,” Robinson said. “This year it’s a lot more structured and a lot more organized, and our teacher sponsors are more involved. We have a lot stronger leadership.”

Sophomore Kiley Beran is a member of the club and said she is looking forward to getting to know new people and seeing this year be even better than the one before.

“I like the people because they’re all really nice and very welcoming. And, I also like the teachers who lead and sponsor,” Beran said. “I like the open discussions and how everyone can chime in and feel good about it.”

According to Robinson, leaders of the club are using last year as a guide to help make changes for the upcoming year. They look to increase their number of members, have better organization and hold more out-of-school events.

“I think this year we’re going to have a larger number of people [at events]. We’re also going to be able to dive deeper and just live that Christian lifestyle,” Robinson said.

Senior vice president Audrey Linsey said new leadership and sponsors are a large part of how the club is going to be stronger this year.

“[The club] has changed a lot. Before, we had trouble finding a sponsor, so we were not doing as well last year. But I think we’ve been getting better and we’ve made a lot of changes for this year,” Linsey said.

Beran, a returning member, said she is excited to see how the club will be different from the past and what new things will happen.

“Last year was good,” Beran said. “This year is going to be better.”

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