Clayton’s Catastrophic Column: There’s literally so much music

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For anyone who has crossed my path since around the end of my sophomore year, you know that I have a large affinity for all things related to Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter (commonly known simply as Beyoncé). Her music speaks to me in a way that not even a good cheeseburger could possibly attain, and that’s saying something. Because of this, I don’t often expand my music tastes outside of a very small circle of artists that I know I’ll probably enjoy.

However, this all changed on Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014. Over the weekend that preceded said date, I had discovered the band Misterwives, and subsequently listened to every piece of music they had ever performed or released. I then discovered that they were to perform in Kansas City at 96.5 The Buzz’s “The Night The Buzz Stole Christmas Night 2” the very next weekend. Sadly, tickets had been sold out for months, so there was almost no chance of me getting to see them at what may be my only chance for a very long time.

I was joined in my desperation to attend this concert with fellow JagWire staff member senior Katherine White. We attempted to get in once by offering another band to help with their merchandise table, though that did not work out very well. Just when we thought all was hopeless, a Twitter account by the name of “Buzz Family” came in clutch like nobody has ever come in clutch before. They had two tickets to the show, and were going to give them away in some sort of contest on Wednesday morning. We waited and waited to find out what the contest would be, and it turned out that all we had to do was tweet them the reason that we really needed to go to this concert. So, in a last ditch effort, we badly pasted our heads onto scantily clad Christmas-themed bodies, and we won. How? I have no idea, but bless whoever chose us because that concert opened up a whole new world to me, just like every time AP Literature teacher Justin Bogart explains the meaning behind poems to us.

We attended the concert, and Misterwives was amazing, just as I had expected. They were also joined by Outsides, Banks, Bleachers and Glass Animals, all of which you should all check out right now.

What this concert, and my Spotify premium membership, has taught me, is that there is literally so much music in this world. People are constantly creating and releasing new music, and there’s an endless amount of it. With programs such as Spotify, SoundCloud or even YouTube, we have access to any type of music you could ever want or need. Want some polka dubstep? Here it is. Want to listen to one of those scary noise soundtracks that your neighbor would play on Halloween when you were a kid? That’s on Spotify.

Literally anything you could ever imagine is right at your fingertips, so go out and discover some music. And while you’re at it, Beyonce’s entire discography is available on Spotify, and it’s fire. That is all.

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