Clayton’s Catastrophic Column: The Happiest Place on Earth

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I could talk about a lot of things today. I could talk about the massive amounts of pizza rolls I ate on Sunday, or the interesting set of callbacks we had for the spring play yesterday or the unusual Twitter escapade that I was involved in last night. However, I’m electing to go for a much lighter and joyful tone (see that shift, Mr. Bogart?), because I’m really excited about the band’s trip to Disney World over spring break.

If you didn’t already know, 60 band members and 8 adult chaperones, spanning from freshmen to seniors, will be flying all the way down to Orlando, FL to spend five days at The Happiest Place on Earth (which is actually the tagline for Disneyland, not Disney World, but whatever). On Thursday, March 12, we’ll be arriving at Kansas City International Airport at 4:30 a.m. to board two separate flights, which will both eventually make their way to Orlando. My flight will fly to Dallas, then we’ll hang out for two hours until we board our second flight on which we’ll reach our final destination. The other flight, which will hold 28 of the total 68 members of our group, will fly to the District of Columbia, then have a really quick turnaround to board their next flight. That day, after our arrival, we’ll make our way to Epcot (my personal favorite park), and stay there until they close. After that, the whole experience will probably be a blur of Mickey Mouse and music.

When asked to describe the hotel we’ll be staying at in one word, band director Deb Steiner said “hotel,” so it looks like its going to be pretty good.

I’ve been to Disney World many times as a child, though I’ve never really been able to enjoy it, due to the fact that the majority of the times I went there I suffered from a crippling fear of storms. Anyone who has ever been to Florida knows that storms can show up at a moment’s notice. One minute you’re sunbathing in the warm Florida sun, and the next you’re running inside because a palm tree just got struck by lightning. It’s a crazy place. This did not end up well for the younger version of me, as I would cry anytime I saw a dark cloud in the sky. In fact, I remember a specific experience when I forced my entire family to stay inside a gift shop until a dark cloud passed across the sky. Now, however, I’m much more accustomed to being outside in storms, mostly because of my multiple run-ins with tornadoes and/or severe storms on various Boy Scout campouts.

Overall, I’m pretty psyched to make my way back to Disney World, my first time in a couple years. Maybe I’ll finally get that picture with Cinderella that I’ve always wanted.

If any of you would like to tag along on the trip, I have a duffle bag that I’m sure could fit someone if I packed light, though I hear the cargo hatch is pretty cold 30,000 feet up. That is all.

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