Clayton’s Catastrophic Column: I love Walt Disney World

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Wow, how long has it been? Seems like it’s been a pretty long time since my last blog.

Indeed it has been. Sadly, I got caught up with all the things I had going on outside of school and neglected my blogging responsibilities. Don’t fret though, I’ll be back on my normal weekly schedule from now on (hopefully).

So, what’s been going on since the last time you heard from me? Well, the spring play is in full swing, with rehearsal every day after school focusing on various parts of our one-act extravaganza. Make sure to get your tickets once they go on sale, it’s a show you’re not going to want to miss. I was also in a play at my church a couple weeks ago, along with some other students, and it went swimmingly. I played a down-home country janitor who falls in love with a “suave and sophisticated” city girl. I was talking with a twang for weeks.

However, the most exciting thing that went on during my extended hiatus was my trip to Walt Disney World with the other members of both blue and silver band.

Needless to say, the trip went off without a hitch, thanks in part to band directors Deb Steiner and Elliott Arpin, and the other staff that came along for the ride.

Now, to spare you a rather lengthy and tedious blog (remember my Homecoming recap?), I’ll be summarizing each of our five days in 10 words each, resulting in a clean 50 words to describe the trip in full. Let’s go.

Thursday, March 12 (Arrival, Epcot)

Plane was broken, sprinted through airport. Spaceship Earth is life.

Friday, March 13 (Disney Performing Arts Workshop, Hollywood Studios)

Played some music. Tower of Terror on Friday the 13th.

Saturday, March 14 (Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom)

Saw baby gorilla. Ate so much food, almost puked everywhere.

Sunday, March 15 (Universal Studios)

So much Harry Potter. Blue Man Group is a rave.

Monday, March 16 (Downtown Disney, Departure)

Why is everything so expensive? Spilled ginger ale on myself.

So there you have it, five days of Disney magic summed up in 50 words. I’d say given my often long-winded thoughts, that’s pretty impressive. Now, if you’d like to know anything else about the trip, or want to hear some somewhat funny stories (like how sophomore Jake Campbell got vomited on), don’t hesitate to ask someone who went on the trip. Trust me, we’re more than willing to share some anecdotes and spread the Disney cheer. That is all.

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