Class Cup reward chosen

Class Cup reward chosen

Student leadership team leader Erin Hayes discusses the rewards party for fourth quarter on Tuesday April 9. The Grand Prize winner will be announced at the end of this month. Photo by Baylee Owen

Annie Crouch, JagWire reporter

The seniors will celebrate their third quarter win on Monday, April 22 during fourth block and seminar. The party will consist of going to the track and field house to enjoy the weather and play games.

First quarter, the seniors won with the most class cup points of the quarter. They celebrated with a breakfast first block along with raffles, prizes and basketball.

The second quarter class cup winners were the sophomores who celebrated with a movie party, popcorn and candy.

Counselor Erin Hayes explained that the fourth quarter party is still up for grabs and there is still competition going on.

“There is no reason to give up even if [the class isn’t] the winner of the grand prize,” Hayes said. “They will still be able to celebrate fourth quarter rewards party if their class wins.”

The class that wins with the most points from the whole year will be tailgating and attending the Royals game on Thursday, May 2 against the Tampa Bay Rays. The class will leave after their first block class to go to Kauffman Stadium. The class that wins the reward will be announced at the end of April.

According to Hayes, students should not give up on the opportunity to keep earning class points because there is still room for each class to win the fourth quarter reward.

“There is still a battle going on for the fourth quarter party,” Hayes said.  “It’s still encouraged to keep trying to make it out to the games of the week and earn points for your class. Everyone should still be trying to win something for fourth quarter.”


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