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By Gabby Delpleash

Excited to interact with students in the classroom and on the field this year, Chris Borchers is looking forward to the school year.

Chris Borchers, Mathematics teacher

JagWire: First, tell us a little about yourself. 

Chris Borchers: “I’m originally from Wichita, and went to KU.  I have taught in Olathe for the last 16 years, coached girls tennis and baseball while I was there.  I have been married for 16 years and have 3 children.”

JW: Describe your college experience.  

CB: “I couldn’t wait to get out of the house and move to Lawrence to be on my own.   College was one of the most fun and exciting times in my life.  I enjoyed meeting new people and making it on my own.  I also met my future wife in college.”

JW: Why did you decide to go into teaching?  

CB: “I decided to go into teaching during my freshman year.  I was in the dorms and I was able to help people with their math classes.  I found this to be rewarding.”

JW: What do you enjoy about teaching? 

CB: “I enjoy that every day is different, I am not sitting at a desk every day and the students are always fun to be around.  I like coaching after school because I get to go out and hang out with the students in a different manner other than their teacher in the classroom.”

JW: What is your experience with teaching high school students? 

CB: “I have only taught in the high school setting.”

JW: What do you want students to know about you?

“I am a pretty relaxed person.  I like to joke around and have fun.  They can come see me for anything and don’t be afraid to approach me.”

JW: What hobbies do you have? 

CB: “I like to play/coach baseball and golf.  I like to play poker with a group of friends I have.  My kids are young right now so I am at a lot of their activities at this moment in my life.” 

JW: What is an interesting fact about yourself?  

CB: “I have been an extra in a movie with Rob Dyrdek and a few other “D” celebrities.”


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