Choir performs their annual pop show

Seniors Blake Aerni and Noah Smith win the Outstanding Musician Award and the Service Heart Award respectively Thursday, May 9

Grace McLeod, JAG editor-in-chief

Tears filling their eyes, the seniors in choir sang their final song, “Why We Sing”, at the pop choir concert Thursday, May 9.

Junior Anna Paden believed that the pop show was different from regular choir concerts because the pop show was more laid back.

“[At the pop show], we were more relaxed and really let ourselves go and feel the music,” Paden said. “All the technicalities just went out the window and we just had fun. Our other concerts are more structured and rigid.”

Senior Blake Aerni won the Outstanding Musician Award for his hard work and dedication to the choir.

“[The award] meant a lot because I put so much time into choir and it feels good to be appreciated,” Aerni said. “It all paid off and [classmates] notice I had a lot of fun [in choir].”

In addition, senior Noah Smith won the Service Heart Award for the most generous contribution to the group.

“The award is for most enthusiasm and the most participation in class,” Smith said. “There is definitely a lot of worthy people to [win] besides me, but I am very grateful for this award.”

According to Paden, performing “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen was an amazing experience.

“[To perform], it felt great. It felt exhilarating. It felt like all of our hard work paid off,” Paden said. “My favorite song was “Don’t Stop Me Now” because we had more fun and we just went loose, more so than we did in class.”

With director Stephanie Mooneyhan leaving Mill Valley next year, the choir will miss her greatly, according to Aerni.

“[Mooneyhan] really built up this program and made it what it is, she really put her heart and soul into it and she cares about everyone,” Aerni said. “[With Mooneyhan] leaving [the choir] will definitely lose something.”

Smith believed the final performance was emotional for both Mooneyhan and the performers.

“It was a very emotional concert to see the reactions from the audience and the reaction from Mooneyhan. [Before] the very last song, right before we started singing, [Mooneyhan’s] eyes were red and she was starting to cry,” Smith said. “At that moment we [realized] that it was the last song that she was ever going to conduct in this gym. It just really hit us at that moment.”

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