Choir performs annual Winter Concert

All five choirs sang a variety of holiday music Tuesday, Dec. 10

Grace McLeod, JAG editor-in-chief

Coming together in one holiday concert, the Jag Chorale, Treble Choir, Bass Choir, Grace Notes and Jag Singers performed festive music under director Jessie Reimer at their annual Winter Concert Tuesday, Dec. 10.

Jag Chorale and Jag Singers member senior Anna Paden believes the show to be a success due to the choir’s ability to stay calm.

“We were pretty solid on our dynamics and our lyrics,” Paden said. “I thought we did really well on the basics and not letting the adrenaline get the best of us.”

Despite a successful performance, Jag Chorale and Jag Singers member senior Lauren O’Neal sees room for improvement.

“You could hear a lot of solo voices sticking out here and there,” O’Neal said. “I feel like we need to work on being more together and singing as a choir.”

As per tradition, the choir invited any choir alumni to join them on stage to sing “Carol of the Bells” by Peter J. Wilhousky. This tradition brought president of Chamber Choir senior Spencer Endsley to think about his future.

“I knew a lot of [the alumni] so it was an emotional thing,” Endsley said. “Next year I am going to be up there singing with people.”

Endsley’s love of choir stems from his relationships with the other choir participants.

“The people here are just unmatched in any other department; it is such a nice place to be,” Endsley said. “I don’t like being on stage, personally, but being up there with those people, they are my favorite people in the world and I wouldn’t give it for anything.”

The best part of choir is listening to the mixing of voices, according to O’Neal.

“I have always loved the unity of the voices, how you can get so many different voices singing as one collective voice and how gorgeous it sounds when the harmonies mix together,” O’Neal said.

Paden is able to utilize choir as a place to express herself.

“I love that I can just do what I love most, which is to sing, perform and entertain,” Paden said. “I can just be myself with no limitations.”

Listen to a few of their songs below.


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