Choir hosts annual spring concert

Choir performed Tuesday, March 7 in the PAC

Emma Rathbun and Lauren Aycock

The choir department held their spring concert  Tuesday March 7t in the Performing Arts Center to showcase what they have been working on these past few months. The choir put in lots hard work to put on a show, senior Carter Harvey expresses his favorite parts of performing. 

“I like getting to show off all of our hard work that we’ve done over the quarter,” Harvey said. “I enjoy being able to dress up and have a night to really celebrate our music for the first time to the public. Along with seeing their reactions to our singing.”

They practice many songs working up to the concert, but there is always a favorite song. Junior Mckinley Graves shares which one she enjoys singing the most. 

“My favorite song is one that I sang in my quartet “The Longest Time”,” Graves said. “The quartet is something I love doing and I love the girls I do it with. It is just a fun experience to sing songs like and be able to put them together by yourself and perform it.”

As the choir performs, they are looking out into the audience. Harvey looks for certain people cheering him on. 

“I am always happy to see friends in the crowd who do not normally come to choir concerts,” Harvey said. “I also like to see their reactions to our singing. It is always positive.”

Just like sports, the choir department is a tight knit community. Graves says it is even like a family to her. 

“What I love about concerts is the family aspect,” Graves said. “People do not understand how close we all are until you watch the concerts. Choir is a huge family and you can see our bonds on stage and I just love getting to show the audience our passion.”

At the end of the night, the choir was satisfied with the performance they put on. Harveys shares how he thinks the audience felt about the concert. 

“I think the choir concert went really well overall,” Harvey said. “The chorale impressed a lot of people, everyone was really blown away with how well the group sounded as a whole.”

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