Chemistry classes conduct laboratory experiment

Students test chemical compounds to discover their bond type


By Photo by Cassidy Doran

Students work to test chemical reactions to fire on Tuesday, March 11.

To wrap up third quarter, Chemistry classes conducted a lab over covalent and ionic bonds on Monday, March 10 and Tuesday, March 11. Students performed tests on various chemical to determine the type of chemical bond present in the compound.

Science teacher Jennifer Aytes said she hoped the experiments would prepare students for their upcoming unit test.

“[The lab] basically reinforces what they already know but gives them a visual and hands-on practice,” Aytes said.

In the lab, students burned chemical compounds, tested their water solubility and measured their electrical conductivity. The results allowed students to figure out the bond type of the chemical.

Sophomore Siera Thompson said initially the lab was difficult but was “fairly simple once you got the hang of it.”

According to sophomore Kristen Alderson, the lab was enjoyable as students were able to see what they had learned about in class in a more visual context.

“It was cool seeing the [chemical’s] reactions and my team worked well together,” Alderson said.

Aytes believed the experiment went well and the students found the lab exciting.

“I hoped they liked the lab,” Aytes said. “The kids like it anytime the can use fire.”

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