Cheerleaders celebrate at end of season banquet

Cassi Benson, JAG reporter

Tears were shed at the cheer banquet as the senior cheerleaders talked to their fellow teammates about all the memories and friends they made on the team. The banquet was held on Wednesday, March 27 and, according to senior Rachel Allen, ending cheer in high school is bittersweet.

“It was relieving and sad at the same time because now I can start something new,” Allen said.

The seniors were each given a scrapbook made up of pages from each of their teammates along with a shadow box filled with their uniform, poms and special awards they won over the years. Senior Schylar Burleson also fought back tears as she faced her cheer team for the last time.

“At first I was excited [the year was over] because the cheer year was rough, but as [the banquet] went on all of the pictures of the games and memories made me sad,” Burleson said.

Burleson, along with the team, made many memories that they will never forget.

“[I will remember] two things. One was getting to spend all the sideline games with [senior Jenna Mididdaugh] because she is just a freaking nut,” Burleson said. “The second was with my stunt group this year because there was a lot of power so we got to try a lot of things which is fun.”


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