Cheerleaders bring home a one rating from Andover

The cheer squad traveled to Andover on Saturday, Feb. 15 to showcase their routine as well as individual stunt, tumbling and jump sequences.


By Shelby Rayburn

Senior Taylor Schmidt does a back handspring into the arms of her bases during her individual stunt sequence. The individual group received a one rating at the Andover Central Showcase on saturday, Feb. 15.

A bus filled with the laughs of cheerleaders as they took a three hour trip to Andover on Saturday, Feb. 15 for the Andover Central Showcase at Andover Central High School.

The team brought home a one rating, the highest rating a team or individual can receive.  They also recieved outstanding awards for tumbling, stunting, overall routine and cheer.

“I was really happy and a little blown away,” senior Emily Godwin said. “It was a good way to end my year.”

Godwin said she felt bittersweet about her last competition.

“I’ll miss competing,” Godwin said. “It was our best year because so many girls have some serious skill and it was good to all come together.”

The trip proved to be worth it as the girls stepped on the mat and performed their best.

“In the moment, you black out and it goes so fast,” Godwin said. “You practice so long for a three minute routine yet…it goes by in a couple seconds and that’s it.”

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