Cheer receives one rating at Best of Midwest cheer festival

On Saturday, Dec. 10, the cheer team competed at the Best of Midwest cheer festival at Olathe Northwest

Jakob Twigg, JagWire sports editor

The cheer squad received a one rating on Saturday, Dec. 10 during the Best of the Midwest Cheer Festival at Olathe Northwest High School. A one is the highest rating that can be achieved by a team or individual. The team also received the judges award for showmanship.

The team’s routine consisted of various cheers and stunts including a pyramid, as well as a short dance at the end of the routine. Freshman Riley Timmons said that she liked enjoyed the routine.

“I personally liked watching the pyramid and the dancing because I think no matter how we did in the routine, we all have fun in the dance at the end,” Timmons said.

The team attended a routine camp back in August where a hired choreographer helped them learn the parts of the show. According to Sophomore Kate Backes, the team put in a lot of effort into the routine.

“We practiced Mondays from 8-10 every week and then on Thursday mornings at 6:00,” Backes said. “We have basically been working on this routine since our routine camp in August, so we have just tried to perfect it as much as possible.”

Senior Maci Foerderer, one of the three team captains, said she enjoyed working with her teammates on the routine.

“Our team is so close this year and being a senior, it’s been really fun and really great,” Foerderer said.  

Sophomore Payton Totzke was glad that they did well after a few of her teammates battled through injuries at the beginning of the season.

“We have had a few injuries which has forced us to change things around,” Totzke said. “[The] first competition may have been a little bit better because everything hit, but we still did really good for everybody being back.”

Overall, coach Megan Duden was very proud that her team received a one.

“It has its difficulties but it was a lot of fun too,” Duden said. “They worked very hard and they deserved it.”

The cheer squad will be performing at its next competition on Saturday, Feb. 4 at Andover Central High School.

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