Cheer receives a one rating on their game day routine

The cheer team competed Saturday, Nov. 5 at Washburn Rural

Sophia Estes, Molly Morgan, and Avery Cole

Cheer competed Saturday, Nov. 5 at Washburn Rural, receiving a one rating for their game day routine. Sophomore Jada Winfrey describes her pride for her team’s work this weekend.

“I am most proud of how we grew as a team this weekend,” Winfrey said. “This was our first competition of the season and I am proud of how we all worked together for the best results.”

Junior Jaiden Fisher also explains how the team adapted to changes for the competition.

“I’m proud of the improvements we have made, and how well this team is adapting to all of those changes,” Fisher said. 

Additionally, Winfrey shares how the team prepares for competitions.

“To prepare for competitions we have game day or performance specific practices,” Winfrey said. “Only having two practices a week can make it hard to perfect two different routines. Practices that only focus on what we are competing in help us make changes and corrections so that we perform better.”

Fisher describes her feelings on the rest of the competition season.

“I’m super excited for state and nationals,” Fisher said. “I think we have a super good chance of being successful and I’m super excited to travel to Texas and bond with the team.”

Overall, Winfrey explains how the team can improve for the rest of the season.

“As a team, we could have done better on communication,” Winfrey said. “Sometimes it is hard to get the same point across 30 girls. To be successful there needs to be lots of communication throughout the cheerleaders but also with the coaches.”

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