Cheer and dance excel at festival

By Ally Garton

Austin Gillespie, reporter

On Saturday, Nov. 13 the cheer squad and dance team came home from the Cheer and Dance Festival with more than just experience, but also several division one ratings.

The Silver Stars dance team received three division one ratings and an award for best technique. The cheer squad received a division one rating along with division one and two ratings on each of the stunts and individual jumps performed.

“The past two weeks we’ve been practicing every single day,” senior cheer captain Tori Couts said. “We ran through our routines and everything. They were hardcore practices.”

According to assistant dance team coach Sarah Sides, the hard work was worth it for the Silver Stars as well.

“I think the girls just enjoy showing off the material we’ve been working on for so long and hard,” Sides said.

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