Catty Shack opens its doors for the year

The store, which opened Tuesday, Sept. 24, saw its opening day revenue triple from last year


By Andrew Tow

On the opening day of the Catty Shack, sophomore Declan Taylor buys his hot cookie.

Ben Wieland, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

The Catty Shack opened its doors for the first time this school year during seminar Tuesday, Sept. 24. The store earned approximately $320 in revenue on opening day, more than a threefold increase from last year’s opening income of $100. 

Catty Shack sponsor Dianna Heffernon-Meyers explained why the store earned so much more money than last year.

By Andrew Tow
After paying, senior Gage Overbeck picks out his cookie of choice.

Serving the cookies on opening day and the new spirit wear designs were responsible for the increase in revenue,” Heffernon-Meyers said.

The Catty Shack also revamped a few other aspects to increase revenue. Heffernon-Meyers outlined the other changes from last year to this year. 

“The store opened a month early this year, there’s no longer coffee in the morning and we added cold brew coffee,” Heffernon-Meyers said. “[The Catty Shack] also added online spirit wear.” 

The Catty Shack will open every morning at 7:25 a.m., open during lunch every silver day, open every day for seminar and close at 3:15 p.m. 

The teacher pop program, a delivery service where students deliver pop, coffee or hot chocolate to teachers during seminar, expanded this year as well. 

According to Catty Shack vice president of finance Nick Schmidt, there’s a lot to look forward to at the store this year.

“There are a ton of exciting parts about the store this year. We have huge innovations with the Square [tablet] that will help us be leaps and bounds more advanced than last year,” Schmidt said. 

Overall, Heffernon-Meyers is optimistic in her outlook for this year’s Catty Shack. 

“The new spirit wear is really cool,” Heffernon-Meyers said. “[I’m] excited about opening a month early too.”


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