Catty Shack adds Jamba Juice machine

The Catty Shack starts selling smoothies made by a newly installed Jamba Juice machine


By Photo by Emma Wetzel

After buying her first Jamba Juice smoothie on Tuesday, Dec. 10, senior Olivia Phillips is pleased by the taste.

Students noticed a new addition to the Catty Shack on Wednesday, Dec. 4. A Jamba Juice machine was recently purchased in order to give students the opportunity to buy smoothies from the Catty Shack and the Snack Shack during the school day.

After a meeting with the district’s director of nutrition Amy Droegemeier back in September, the smoothie machine was installed last week.

According to senior Catty Shack President Riley Boyle, there was no hesitation when the students asked about the addition.

“We talked about getting a coffee or smoothie machine and since a smoothie would be healthy, it was put in almost immediately,” Boyle said.

Although the machine itself is in the Catty Shack, the Snack Shack will be selling the smoothies before school and during lunch, but the Catty Shack will sell them during seminar and after school.

“We did this because the machine cost so much, we had to team up with [the Snack Shack] in order to pay for it,” Boyle said.

While both the Snack Shack and the Catty Shack will be selling the smoothies, all profits will go to the Snack Shack until the machine is paid off. After that, the Catty Shack will recieve all profits from the smoothies that are sold.

Some students are enthusiastic about the new addition, including sophomore Noah Callahan who showed his excitement by buying multiple smoothies on the first day that the smoothies were being sold.

“I bought two smoothies already and they both were really good, I’ll definitely be buying them a lot.” Callahan said.

The Catty Shack staff predicted the students would react well to the new product and bring in higher profits.

“The entire staff tried it and we all loved them so we assumed the rest of the school would like them too,” Boyle said. “It’s a great price and affordable for everyone.”

Although the Catty Shack has a lot of positive feedback from students, some teachers have expressed a disliking to the drinks being carried into classrooms.

“My seminar teacher already yelled at me for having it in her room,” Callahan said. “[The machine] is a good idea but I think it’ll be split. Some teachers will like it and some won’t.”

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