Cats deserve the same acceptance dogs receive

The independency and compassion of cats makes them better pets than dogs


Sophie Lecuru, JagWire assistant editor

The feud between cat and dog lovers has been going on a long time. Dogs are known as the more popular pet, however, popular opinion isn’t always correct. Seeing as I own both a cat and two dogs, I know from personal experience that cats have more to offer to their owners than dogs.

Owning dogs tends to be more work than it’s worth. They must be given proper exercise, taken outside multiple times a day and cleaned up after. On the other hand, most cats don’t require this extra work.

Cats are very independent creatures and can mostly take care of themselves. They’re perfectly content lounging around, can bathe themselves and can be trained to use a litter box, saving their owners the constant worry of letting them go from inside to outside all day, like with dogs.

Cats also have less energetic personalities than dogs and cause less disorder. This makes for fewer messes like demolished chew toys or a trail of muddy footprints throughout the house.

Contrary to dog’s behavior, cats understand the idea of personal space and allow their owners to finish simple tasks without feeling overcrowded. At the same time, however, cats are available to give their owners love when necessary. The best comfort comes from when cats gently brush up against their owner’s legs looking for attention. They understand human emotions and can sympathize well. Simply put, cats know when they aren’t wanted, but also know when their compassion is necessary.

Although cats are the best pets to own, I know they aren’t for everyone. Some dog people despise cats and are unwilling to even contemplate giving them a chance. Cats don’t deserve all the criticism they receive. Dog people should make an effort to accept the cats a little more.

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