BuzzFeed is a credible news source

Even though it provides fun content, BuzzFeed can also give good news to readers


Justin Curto, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

As a JagWire staff member and journalism enthusiast, people usually expect me to be on top of the news. For the most part, I am. However, whenever I start a conversation about the day’s news with “I read an article on BuzzFeed …” I brace myself for eye rolls and speeches on “credible” news sources. And, as I hear about why CNN or NBC is a more reputable news outlet, I wonder — why don’t people respect BuzzFeed as a news source?

I get most of my news from BuzzFeed. On Twitter, I follow seven BuzzFeed accounts, and I open my BuzzFeed app multiple times a day. Whenever I hear about breaking news, I go to BuzzFeed to read about it first.

After reading hundreds of news articles on BuzzFeed, I can honestly say that they are up to par with almost anything CNN or NBC has written. Sometimes, BuzzFeed even covers news that other outlets don’t venture into as much. I’ve seen more news about women’s issues, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights and developing countries on BuzzFeed than on any other news site.

Just like all other news outlets, BuzzFeed hires trained reporters to write its news. BuzzFeed has even posted its Editorial Standards and Ethics Guide on its website: “to keep BuzzFeed’s writers, reporters, and editors accountable to our readers.” The guide has most of the same policies you would expect any major news outlet to follow. So, if BuzzFeed goes through this much trouble to defend its reputation, why is it still be disrespected?

Most of this disrespect comes because people can’t differentiate between the two sides of BuzzFeed. On one end, there’s BuzzFeed News, writing about current events and breaking news. On the other end, there’s the rest of BuzzFeed — fun lists, quizzes, videos and the like, usually supplemented with gifs, social media posts and humor. To most people, these two types of content cannot coexist, so they just blur together — and, all of the sudden, an award-winning news outlet is discredited because it also writes about pizza, cats and Beyonce.

In short, I’m tired of all of the hate that BuzzFeed gets. Sure, it posts a lot of fun and lighthearted content, but it also knows how to clean up its game and report on hard-hitting news quickly. And that, precisely, is what makes it so awesome.

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