Burnt End BBQ merits first visit

By Sarah Fulton

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

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Small and clean The Burnt End BBQ, 11240 W. 135th Street, is a modern take on Kansas City’s traditional hometown barbecue. The restaurant is one long room filled with a drink fountain, serving line and nine small tables. The décor is minimal, but large windows lining the front of the restaurant let in a good amount of light that makes the restaurant feel homey.

The menu is made up of sandwiches, homemade sides, meat by the pound and various combinations. I got the sampler platter, three meats and three sides, with sausage, burnt ends, ham, baked beans, cheesy corn and french fries.

 The food took unusually long time to come out, considering I was one of the only ones in the restaurant. When the food finally starting arriving, it came in parts. The meat came first, followed by two of the sides and finally the french fries.

 They may have taken a while to come out, but they were worth the wait. Slightly soggy and covered in sea salt, they melted in my mouth and quickly become addictive. When I inquired with one of the employees about them, he told me they were hand-cut and fried fresh.

 The rest of the sides and meat were overshadowed by the fries. I had expected the burnt ends to be the star of the show, because the restaurant is called The Burnt End; overall they were just typical barbecue, they lacked a special taste that many Kansas City area restaurants have achieved.

 The sausage had a tiny bit of spice that was pleasing, but it was cut too thin and lacked a memorable flavor. The available sauce did not complement it at all.

 The ham oddly looked a lot and tasted a lot like turkey too. However, it was a husky and meaty flavor that was pleasing despite its peculiarity.

 In the end, The Burnt End BBQ was worth a first try, but I do not know if they merit a second visit.

Overall score: Three out of five stars





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