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Breaking Barriers

Mill Valley News wants to celebrate the experiences of students who have overcome adverse situations. They have a variety of stories, from the student who kept running when she faced an array of health difficulties, to the one whose Down syndrome doesn’t stop him from marching and playing in the band, to the one who recovered from open-heart surgery. All 12 of them share a common thread, though — all are stories about students breaking barriers.

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Junior Travis Collins swims to build up leg muscles
Senior Whitney Epps undergoes brain surgery to remove seizure-causing lesion
Freshman Grace Lovett returns to her normal lifestyle after having open-heart surgery
Sophomore Marissa Olin participates in musical despite speaking challenges
Sophomore Tyler Orbin continues to pursue art although he is colorblind
Senior Sara Pietig gets involved after transferring schools midsemester and having mosaic Down syndrome
Junior Claire Rachwal manages school with Crohn’s syndrome
Freshman Matthew Santaularia fulfills childhood dream despite having Down syndome
Junior Seohee Shin excels in school while learning a new language
Sophomore Ike Valencia uses sign language to communicate with his mom
Freshman Kaylee West dances despite having Type 1 diabetes
Senior Ellie Wilson overcomes stress fractures and returns to cross country

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