Boys soccer loses to Blue Valley North on senior night

The boys soccer team suffered a loss of 3-2 at the home game on Thursday Oct. 13

Lauren Ocker, JAG editor-in-chief


The boys soccer team fell 3-2 at senior night against Blue Valley North on Thursday Oct. 13.

According to senior Adam Grube, the team had high expectations of the opponent and had to mentally prepare themselves for the tough competition.

“We knew they were going to be a big, fast, strong team, and that they were going to hit us a lot and that it would be a very physical game,” Grube said. “We came in here making sure we didn’t have any knocks or bruises, knowing that we’d have to compete at our best to be able to play with them.”

Having a week between games, the team had to practice harder leading up to the game.

“We haven’t played in a week so we’ve had a lot of rest,” senior Noah Veal said. “We’ve had some tough running practices to make sure we were in shape and we really expected to come out and get a good result.”

Veal attributes their loss to the inconsistency in the team’s performance.

“The team played well for parts but as usual we just had really inconsistent play and we didn’t get the result we wanted,” Veal said. “We need to come back to practice and we all need to work hard and come in with the same mindset that we need to get better.”

Grube believes that the closeness of the team has been stronger this year compared to year’s past.

“This year I feel like the seniors are much closer towards the underclassmen,” Grube said. “We hang out and bond with them better, we have a very close relationship with them on the team.”

Despite the loss, Veal says the parents and fans support was comforting at the senior night ceremony.

“It was really sentimental, it meant a lot to see all of the fans that came out to support us for our last game,” Veal said. “All in all it was really cool and it was a fun night.”
The team’s next game is away against Lawrence Free State on Monday, Oct. 17.

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