Boys soccer defeats Gardner Edgerton on senior night

Boys soccer defeated the Blazers 8-0 Tuesday, Oct. 18

The boys soccer team had their senior night Tuesday, Oct. 18 against Gardner Edgerton. They played strong and had a final score of 8-0. For the seniors on the team, this was an exciting but surreal feeling. Senior Colin Riley shares how senior night felt. 

“Senior was a little surreal because I have watched three senior nights in years past,” Riley said. “This was finally our senior night, it is crazy to me how fast high school went by.” 

The game was a huge win for the team and that brought excitement to everyone on the team. Senior Matt Morgan explains how the game went. 

“The game ended up going really well for the team,” Morgan said. “We got a lot of our players in, which doesn’t happen that often. That is a good thing though and it was good to see that happen.” 

During half-time, the seniors were recognized by the coaches and the audience. In order to make it this far, it is helpful to have supporters. Riley shares who supported him in his soccer career. 

“My parents supported me the most by being there for me,” Riley said. “From taking me to practice, helping me get cleats, and always being at my games. It is a good feeling to have them supporting me.”

This season they are senior-heavy, there are 15 seniors on the team. This affected the team in a positive way according to Morgan.

“I think the team having so many seniors helps the team because we all have experience playing together,” Morgan said. “We have been playing together for a long time, I will miss playing with them.” 

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