Boys basketball falls to Lawrence 51-69

This makes the fourth loss for the team Friday, Jan. 14

Kaitlyn Burke, JagWire reporter/photographer

The boys basketball team fought hard against Lawrence High School but fell short and ended the game 51-69 on Friday, Jan. 14. This year, the boys basketball team has a record of five wins and four losses, as they continue to fight hard for the top seed in the 5A division. 

Reflecting on the loss, varsity guard junior Brooks Jahnke thinks the team could have performed differently so that the game could have ended in a win. 

“I think we could have made our shots through contact a little better,” Jahnke said. “We also could have played better defense in the second half.”

The student section provided lots of support at the beginning of the game, but as the boys started to fall behind, the students followed suit quieting down. Sophomore Anna Strack thinks the students could have done better in terms of showing spirit to help the boys play a better game. 

“We could have created more energy to help push the boys and to encourage them to be better,” Strack said.  

As a whole, Jahnke believes the boys could have played at a higher level. 

“We didn’t play that well as a whole,” Jahnke said. “We missed a lot of shots that we usually don’t [miss].”

Although the game resulted in a tough loss, there were still good highlights of the game. According to Jahnke, the most notable highlight was in the first quarter. 

“I thought the highlight of the game was when [junior] Dylan [Blazer] threw the alley-oop to [senior] Adrian [Dimond],” Jahnke said. 

While this game was one small bump in the road, the success of the team will continue to grow as the season goes on, according to Jahnke.

“I think we have had really big wins but we still need to keep improving,” Jahnke said. 

Additionally, the students enjoy coming to the games and supporting their school, especially when the events of the game prove to be interesting for its viewers. 

“I am looking forward to going to more games,” Strack said. “I like sitting in the student section and cheering on [my school].”

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