Boys basketball falls to BVNW

The team was defeated by BVNW for the second time of the season 82-52.

Grace Lovett, JAG Reporter

The boys basketball team picked up another loss against the BVNW Huskies on Tuesday, Feb. 14 with a final score of 82-52.

The game began with the first four minutes being scoreless for the Jaguars until junior Brody Flaming shot the first basket of the game. Further into the first quarter, Flaming had two more free throws to end the first quarter with the Jaguars trailing 20-14.

“Our mindset was simple, we have nothing to lose so all we are going to do is go out and give it our all,” said Flaming. “The first four minutes scoreless is always tough cause it gives them a lead, but once we settled in and started playing to our potential we got it pretty close.”

The team transferred the built up energy into the second quarter, eventually closing the half with a score of 34-27. Senior Blake Montgomery, who was the leading scorer with 19 points total attributes the closeness of the game at this point to the team’s driven effort.

“We played as hard as we could and didn’t back down from the competition,” said Montgomery.

Midway through the third quarter, BVNW scored several times and pulled ahead of the Jaguars. Sophomore Logan Talley, who contributed to the team with a three pointer during the quarter, links this deflation of energy to loss of focus.

“They were getting off in transition and we weren’t getting back on defense,” Talley said. “That made us speed up our offense which isn’t our style of play.”

BVNW continued to overpower the Jaguars during the fourth quarter, allowing the Jaguars only six points, and ending the game with a score of 82-52. Despite the loss, Talley feels that the closeness of the first half shows the potential the Jaguars have as a team.

“That first half and a little bit in the second half shows what kind of team we can be,” Talley said. “If we lock in for a full 32 minutes then we can give a lot of teams trouble. We just need to figure out how to do it.”

The team’s next game will be Friday, Feb. 17 against BVN.

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