Boys Basketball comes back with a victory against Piper

Erica Leonard, JAG reporter

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As the student section increased their school spirit in camouflage apparel in the stands, so did the score for the Jaguars against Piper High School on Tuesday, Jan. 29 with a final score of 68-64.

“I thought it was going to be a real tough game but I knew we would pull through and win,” senior forward Brett Hamilton said.

The two teams were tied for first in league and with the Jaguars ahead the crowd roared louder. The Pirates began to catch up in the second half making it a very close game.

“I thought we had the game won but then they were coming back,” Hamilton said. “So I was pretty excited to play in a close game.”

The team’s hard work and commitment to beating Piper paid off as they celebrated when it ended in a victory.

“We were pretty excited in the locker room,” Hamilton said. “We were tied with them for first in the league so it was a big win.”


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