Bowling team places first at meet

The bowling team had seven members place individually at their meet on Thursday, Jan. 12 at Park Lanes


By Bailey Wagoner

As the ball rolls down the lane, junior Emily Jackson forces on the play.

Lauren Ocker, JAG editor-in-chief

The girls and boys bowling teams took first place at the meet at Park Lanes Bowling Alley on Thursday, Jan. 12.

Not only did both teams win first overall, they also had members receive first individually.

Sophomore Abby Berner thinks the meet went well for the team overall.

“I’d say we did pretty good, individually I did really bad,” Berner said. “In practice we’ve been working on picking up certain pins. We need to practice more and focus on hitting the pins.”

Senior Grant Moberly was not surprised by the team’s win.

“I expected us to win,” Moberly said. “We didn’t do the best, but we did enough to win so I was happy about that.”

In order to prepare, the team practiced different strategies to increase their scores and improve their form.

“The first two games I did terrible, but the last game I straightened up and did good,” Moberly said. “I went to practice yesterday to prepare and we worked on picking up spares. We need to practice our first balls more and work on drier lanes.”

The individual placings go as follows:


1st: Jesse Bowden

2nd: Grant Moberly

5th: Hunter Turpin


1st: Meghan Clark

2nd: Emily Jackson

3rd: Raya Lehan

4th: Abby Berner

The next meet is Friday, Jan. 13 for the boys team and Saturday, Jan. 14 for the girls team.

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