Bowling team holds annual bowl-a-thon

The team doates half of the money raised to the Shawnee Special Olympics team

Lauren Ocker, JAG editor-in-chief

The bowling team held their annual bowl-a-thon fundraiser at Park Lanes Bowling Alley on Wednesday, Jan. 26 and Thursday, Jan. 27.

The bowl-a-thon is the team’s main fundraiser that provides money for the bowling team’s expenses such as the banquet and team meals. Half of the money they raise goes to the Shawnee Storm Special Olympics team.

“You can have two forms of donations, you can make a one time donation or you can donate per pin,” junior Bella Hadden said. “At the bowl-a-thon we bowl a set number of games and however many pins we knock down you times that by the number donated. [Junior] Britton Nelson donated to mine for ten cents so whatever score I get, I get that times ten cents.”

Senior Hunter Turpin thinks the event went well overall and anticipates the total amount raised to be significant.

“I think the event went good, there were some pretty high scores so I think there will be a lot of money raised,” Turpin said. “[Fundraising is important] because it brings a lot of money in and it can open up a lot more opportunities for the team.”

Although the team receives a substantial amount of money from the event, the bowl-a-thon is also important because of the donation money it provides, according to Hadden.

“[The bowl-a-thon is] really important because there isn’t enough money to fund the bowling team by ourselves,” Hadden said.  “It’s important that we raise money and give back to the community through our donations.”

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