Bowling team fails to qualify for state at regionals

Senior Caden Combs goes to state as individual scoring a 599


By Photo by Kat Anglemyer

Members of the bowling team traveled to Emporia on Friday, Feb. 28 to compete in the regional meet.

Poor scores at boys and girls regional bowling meet ended the team’s season. The boys team scored 2,413, and the girls team scored 1,985 on Friday, Feb. 28 competing against 10 other schools.

Senior Caden Combs was the only individual to qualify for state with a score of 647.

“I was happy but I wish the whole team would have gone. It would have been a different experience, Combs said. “I placed 32nd and I’ve only been bowling for eight months. I was really happy with that because there were a lot or really good bowlers there.”

Only two pins away from qualifying for state for the second straight year, senior Cassie Widmer said her performance at regionals was disappointing.

“I was really [mad] more than anything because I missed a couple of really easy spares so if I would have got them I would have gone to state,” Widmer said. “It was kind of depressing [not competing at state], but I still went. Mr. Pollard let me go to watch [with a couple other girls.]”

Head bowling coach Rick Pollard said although he wished regionals would have gone better, the team did the best they could with the competition.

“Regionals were tough. We were probably in the toughest region in the state, which made it difficult for some of our individuals to get out. I was a little upset we didn’t get more out [to state], but overall as a team we bowled about as well as we bowled all year,” Pollard said. “That’s what you want to do; bowl as well as you can in the end.”

Individual boys series scores are as follows: sophomore Cole Griggs 593, senior Jonathan Darby 592, junior Cody Deas 528, junior Cole Gray 516 and sophomore Jordan Laluk 481.

Individual girls series scores are as follows: Widmer 568, junior Maridee Weber 491, senior Lindsey Jackson 476, sophomore Isabel Crain 443, junior Sarah Hall 372 and senior Alexis Crispin 343.

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