Bowler looks forward to new season

Senior Cassie Widmer hopes to place in state this year

By Photo by Laura Earlenbaugh

As part of the bowling team since its inaugural season in 2012, senior Cassie Widmer is eager for the start of the season. She is already thinking about state and hopes to medal this year.

“I think [the bowling team] is probably going to have another rebuilding team, especially for the boys, but the girls team will be okay,” Widmer said.

Bowling Coach TJ O’Neill has joined the team this year since coach Adam Wessel left last year. Widmer looks forward to bowling coach Rick Pollard’s return and the motivation he adds to the team.

“I don’t know the new coach but hopefully they know some things about bowling,” Widmer said. “I rely on Mr. Pollard. He is really encouraging before meets and we always have a little pep talk.”

Widmer is a part of bowling in a league outside of school and in tournaments the first Sunday of every month. Her best game was 269 and her best average was about 193 last year. She practices her sport partly because she enjoys it, and partly because of the encouragement from her parents. Widmer relishes her time with the friends she has met through the bowling team.

“I like hanging out with everyone,” Widmer said. “I like all the bowlers here and the meets are really fun.”

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