Board of Education focuses on new security improvements during their October meeting

New security changes include increased front door security with new cameras and further office safety training passed by the board at their meeting on Monday, Oct. 1


By Steven Curto

Following a Board of Education meeting on Monday, Oct. 1, Superintendent Frank Harwood explains new security measures. “Front office security is about delaying somebody who is trying to do something bad,” Harwood said. “It slows them down, which is the biggest part of this.”

Tanner Smith, JagWire editor-in-chief

The Board of Education reconfirmed its commitment to school security by continuing to implement the new front door security locks by Tuesday, Oct. 16. Students may also notice changes to the district’s substance abuse policies and continued work from the board on the bond that was passed earlier this year.

After months of preparation and debate, the additional front door security, which includes new security cameras and a new locking mechanism on the door, are being put in, according to superintendent Frank Harwood.

“One of the main things [we are working on] is that we get the main door entry security up and running,” Harwood said. “We have been working on since July so that will be something that is implemented very soon.”

The district has many goals for the new safety procedures and locks especially assistant superintendent Alvie Cater who is hoping for a safer learning environment.

“Without safe schools, we can’t have great learning taking place,” Cater said. “We recognize unfortunately that we live in a different time and we have to adjust … to keep you and your classmates safe.”

Once the security system is implemented, Harwood hopes that an additional obstacle will be in the way of any intruders.

“Front door security is about delaying somebody who is trying to do something bad,” Harwood said. “Right now somebody could just walk right into the front door … but with the new security [an intruder] would still be outside when we start to find out why they are there, so if there was somebody who was trying to do harm, slows them down.”

In addition to changes to district security, Director of Secondary Personnel Brian Schwanz presented new changes to the district’s student substance abuse policy along with other minor changes to the school handbook in the hopes of increasing alcohol prevention and keeping the schools books up to date.

In addition to all of the new security updates, Harwood has many plans for the rest of the school year such as new Pathways career planning courses for the middle schools, as well as new Measures of Academic Progress and social and emotional development standardized tests.

“We have quite a bit of work on the bond project,” Harwood said. “We are kind of in the middle of a lot of different things.”

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