Blog: Winter dance reflection and upcoming events

Blog: Winter dance reflection and upcoming events

View from the Prez Box

Lisa Galvn, JAG editor-in-chief

I felt that the winter dance was a success. Many students went to the commons right after the dance and some left after the game to go home and change.

Although not all students stayed for the entire dance, at least a lot of people made an appearance. Since this was the first year that StuCo organized the dance I didn’t know what to expect. So, when I walked into the commons I was really excited to see my classmates dancing and having a good time.

Students can buy candy grams during lunch for $1-1.50 depending on if they want chocolates sent with their message. StuCo members will also selling candy grams at the varsity boys and girls basketball games on Tuesday, Feb. 12. All proceeds will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

On Wednesday, Feb. 20, we are hosting an open mic night. Students are welcome to perform, but not limited to, a musical piece or standup comedy. If you are interested in preforming contact me, or Ms. Crist.

I am looking forward to organizing and seeing all the performances.

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