Extra Lives: The top five games I’m excited to play in 2015

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It’s time to face the truth: 2014 was not a good year for vidgames. From the disappointing releases of “Watch_Dogs” and “Destiny” to the downright broken games like “Assassin’s Creed: Unity,” I don’t exactly have a lot of love for a lot of major studios right now. That being said, I’m still optimistic for 2015. These are the top 5 games I’m looking forward to this year.

5. “Grand Theft Auto V” on PC

This might seem like an odd choice considering this game was released on consoles in 2013, but hear me out. A PC release for this game changed everything. The potential for good graphics is much higher, and the possibilities for nodding are endless. Although it’s already been delayed three times, I still can’t wait to play it.

Release date: March 24

4. “Star Wars: Battlefront”

If you’ve played the first two games in the series, you know why this is here. The long awaited follow-up to two of the best multiplayer shooters is finally here, and it’s slated for release in 2015. I have found memories of the other games in this series, and I hope to make some more. The game looks absolutely incredible, and I just can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Release date: TBD 2015

3. “Batman: Arkham Knight”

“Batman: Arkham Origins” was  a disappointment. While other games in the Arkham series innovated and excited, this game just stuck to the same old formula. It looked promising, but it really just isn’t worth 60 dollars. In the other hand, I’m still really excited for the newest installment in the franchise. The game’s going back to the original developer, Rocksteady, and it looks incredible. The freedom of an open world Gotham combined with the new mechanics that go along with the Batmobile really make me look forward to this game. It’s definitely something I plan to pick up this year.

Rrelease date: June 2

2. “No Man’s Sky”

This might actually be my dream game. I’m completely in love with the premise of this game. Open world, procedurally generated space exploration sounds like a dream come true. Oh, and did I mention the game looks gorgeous? If this game can deliver in the developer’s promises, it might echo being my top game of 2015.

Release date: May

1. “Star Fox”

What can be rated higher than dream game? Only this, one of the most anticipate games of all time. Fans have been waiting since 1998 for a good game in the Star Fox franchise. The Nintendo DS games were OK (and I think we all just want to forget about (“Star Fox Adventures”) but it’s a really good console sequel to Star Fox 64 I’ve been waiting for. There’s not much known about this, other than that it’s for the Wii Up and Shigeru Miyamoto himself is working on it, but it’s still very exciting. Because of this game, I think I’m finally going to buy a Wii U.

Release Date: TBD 2015

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