Blog: The Thief, part 10

Connor Oswald, JagWire reporter

Adrian leaned against the door after he slammed it shut behind him. Sighing, he looked towards the lady that led them inside.

“So, Ann, never thought you’d be the one to stay,” Adrian said, giving her a slight, sardonic smile. Ann humphed and walked a couple steps closer to Adrian.

“I was gone, for awhile. But I made some…” she paused awkwardly, glancing at Adrian’s face quickly before continuing. “Bad decisions and Miss Dower was nice enough to let me back in.”

Adrian grinned lazily. “So what do you do here then?” he asked. “I mean, it must be some meaningful work if the girl who always dreamed of escaping this ‘dump-of-a-town’ decided to stay.”

“Wow, I never thought you would turn into such a reprobate, Adrian,” Ann retorted. “Anyways, I keep the place running, clean and cook. Miss Dower is getting old – she isn’t the same lady as the one who would chase us around and join in our games of hide-and-seek.”

Adrian nodded slowly while giving Ann a glare.  “So I’m the jerk now? What about you and everyone else who-”

Ann interrupted, her voice rising. “Let it go! That was years ago. And look, you’re fine now. You’ve somehow even became a city guard.”

“It still doesn’t make it right,” Adrian said, crossing his arms and taking a few steps away from the door. Ann opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted as the door suddenly swung open.

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