Sideline Report: The Royals are a team of destiny

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Sunday night proved that anything can happen in the playoffs. Anything. The Royals have finally reached the playoffs, as I mentioned in an earlier post, and they can’t be stopped. Somehow, some way, the Royals have managed to do the unthinkable. Coming off a 12-inning gem of a postseason game against the Oakland Athletics, the Royals looked simply amazing. No one could have anticipated the heroics that the boys in blue came up with. From Lorenzo Cain’s spectacular catches in the outfield to timely home runs from first baseman Eric Hosmer and third baseman Mike Moustakas, this team can do anything. These Royals have come alive to look unbreakable.

Game 3 of the American League Divisional Series was interesting in particular. It was a Royals win, sure, but it didn’t have extra innings or a close game. It had a Billy Butler steal and clutch hitting that resulting in a dominating Royals victory 8-3. This marked the sweep of the best team in baseball as well, the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels had looked ice cold with the assumed American League MVP outfielder Mike Trout coming into the game 0 for 8 in hitting. Things were not looking good for the Angles coming back to Kansas City. The Angels mustered up some offense with Trout and first basemen Albert Pujols dialing up solo home runs in particular. Other than that, not much went right. Starting pitcher C.J. Wilson went out in the first inning after Kansas City outfielder Alex Gordon hit a 3-run double to rain on the Angels’ parade. Almost the entire Angels bullpen was used, and they could still not stop the all of a sudden high-octane offense that is the Kansas City Royals. After this victory, the Royals move on to face another hot team in the playoffs, the Baltimore Orioles, starting on Friday.

Here is where I make a crazy prediction that might make me look like an idiot. But, as the world of sports punditry says, you have to take some chances. So, here it goes – the Royals will win the World Series. I said it. A 29-year drought will come to an end and a title will be brought bask to Kansas City once and for all. This is a very improbable and crazy prediction, but hear me out.

The Royals have been playing extremely effective baseball with all aspects of the game on point. The outfield is patrolled by the amazing trio of Gordon, Cain and Aoki. Pitching has been top-notch with James Shields, Yordano Ventura, and Jason Vargas. Our bullpen is lights-out, especially if Brandon Finnegan continues to be amazing. We are unstoppable when it comes to stealing bases as well. All of a sudden, this team has erupted and evolved into an elite and contending team. These are just some reasons of why I am confident that this team can win it all.

The competition is a factor that cannot really be predicted. First, no one knows who the Royals’ would face if they defeated the Orioles in a best-of-7 series. The St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals (barely) are all still alive in the National League side of the bracket. Very tough match-ups stand in the Royals way, but that has not stopped them so far. The Orioles for one have Nelson Cruz, a dynamic player who hit 40 home runs with 108 runs batted in during the regular season. The Orioles also had an impressive record (96-66) during the regular season and swept away the Detroit Tigers in the ALDS like we did the Angels. This American League Championship Series will not be easy by any means. But if the Royals continue to perform with all of the aforementioned attributes, they will be moving on to the World Series.

In the end, I honestly have no idea what will happen. With our luck we will get embarrassed in this next series. The Royals are playing like a team of destiny, however, and look to keep the Cain Train rolling full steam ahead. Every team should be fearful of Kansas City because we are not going to go down without a fight. After all, who else can say they haven’t lost a playoff game in 29 years?

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