Clayton’s Catastrophic Column: Quixotic

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You may be wondering right now what the word “Quixotic” means, and why it is currently the title of this blog. The simple answer is you can Google it if you want to know what it means, and it’s also the Word of the Day and I think it sounds funny so I made it the title.

You may also be wondering why this blog is so late; in fact, it is the last blog to be published this week. The reason for this is I was up late last night watching the Royals play, and also I had to analyze a couple pieces of literature for my best friend AP Literature teacher Justin Bogart.

I am currently sitting in my Multimedia Audio & Music class, and assistant band director Elliot Arpin is dropping some sick beats on GarageBand. Seriously, this is some Skrillex-level stuff. My compositions that I have made thus far in this class resemble more of a brontosaurus falling down stairs, and the stairs are piano keys.

Anyways, much like last week, I do not completely know what to write about, so I’m going to tell you about some funny things that have happened to me in the past 24 hours.

  1. Yesterday at musical rehearsal, senior Kaia Minter was lounging in the area of the theater that is void of chairs at the moment, as they have been taken out to make room for the pit orchestra. Due to this void, there are many screws sticking out of the ground, which does not make for very good sitting ground. However, after sitting down on the floor, she decided to scoot back to lean herself up against the wall, and in the process cut her leg open on a screw sticking out of the ground. She stood up, looking visibly frightened, and asked me, “Hey, is my leg bleeding?” Yes, it was bleeding. After running to the bathroom, she returned with bandages to heal her wound.
  2. This morning during our outside rehearsal to practice for the football game this Friday, the band had just finished a run of our halftime performance, and band director Debby  Steiner suggested that we throw our instruments on the ground to end the song (a sarcastic remark, may I add). Trying to be the hilarious person I am, I suggested that we should rather throw our instruments into the stands, and in demonstrating what it would look like if you chucked a musical instrument into the bleachers, I lost my balance on the frosty grass and fell face first into the cold, wet mud. This move was met with thundering laughter from the vast majority of the band, and it was thoroughly embarrassing. Woohoo.
  3. Finally, the absolute funniest moment of the past 24 hours was the outright difficulty of my AP Physics test today. I thought I had a pretty solid grasp on energy, but after that test, I really don’t know anymore. Seriously, it was so hard I almost laughed at my feeble attempts to answer Free Response Question #2.

Well, that’s just about all I’ve got. I’m gonna send this blog over to JagWire editor-in-chief senior Katherine White so she can edit it (chiefly), and hopefully she’ll have it up by seminar so you all can have something to do while you procrastinate all the homework you got today. That is all.


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