Sideline Report: NFL’s handling of domestic violence cases has landed Roger Goodell on the hot seat

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Sports provide entertainment for not only me, but millions of others. It causes arguments and debate, but as I thoroughly enjoy partaking in both, sports are just plain awesome. The idea of writing down my passionate, honest and unpopular opinions seemed interesting and that’s exactly what I’m doing.  So here we go, as I take you all into the world of sports. If it happens in a  sport, it will be in the Sideline Report.

Multiple stories have come out of NFL players with domestic violence scandals, such as Ex-Baltimore Raven running back Ray Rice and Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. This now recurring issue in the National Football League has taken away from the glorious opening to football season, and instead shed a light on the horrendous acts that these men have done.

Unspeakable acts of violence to women and even children have been all over the news. Some are allegations still and some are facts, but this need not happen in America’s number one pro sports league. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to take a larger stance against the acts of violence that continue to steal headlines.

Rice was originally suspended for two games by the NFL for punching his then fiancee now wife Janay Palmer in a Las Vegas casino elevator. The evidence was captured on a security camera that somehow ended up in tabloid website TMZ‘s hands before the NFL got a hold of it. The events in February were kept under wraps until news broke out earlier last week as Rice was cut from the Ravens and suspended from the NFL indefinitely. As justice seemingly was handed out by the desk of the commissioner, questions still remained: how did the NFL not find out earlier? Is this how the NFL will handle every domestic violence case?

Peterson on the other hand has been accused and indicted of beating not one, but two of his sons with a switch, and evidence continues to pile up. No suspensions have been handed out, but the Vikings sat Peterson out of Sunday’s game versus the New England Patriots.

What really baffles me is how Roger Goodell has handled these situations. How on earth do you go from a two-game suspension, apologize publicly, hand out another suspension, and act like everything is fine? Goodell has been put under plenty of scrutiny in the media, and deservedly so. He has struggled with how to handle everything from the marijuana debate, to ex-player concussion lawsuits, to the aforementioned domestic violence cases.

Something needs to change in the NFL, and it starts with removing Roger Goodell.



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