Blog: More serious action needs to be taken against nude photo leaks

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Over a month ago, nude photos of female celebrities surfaced. This is not the first time this has happened. It all began with Vanessa Hudgens. Back in 2007, She was Vanessa Anne Hudgens, alternately hated and admired by boys and girls alike for being in a relationship with eternal heartthrob Zac Efron. I specifically remember sitting at the cafeteria table, attacking her for what she did. I really thought I was a cool fourth grade.

When a nude photo of anyone is leaked, either intentional or not, it is never the fault of the subject of the photo. We need to get the “if you don’t want nude photos leaked, don’t take them” idea out of our head. That’s not the problem. The problem is that creepy “hackers” are invading a person’s privacy and showing the world something that was only meant to be seen by one person, or maybe even no one.

You might consider this an old event. But Jennifer Lawrence, America’s sweetheart, fell victim to leaked nude photos and finally broke her silence today. She called what happened to her a “sexual offense” and said that those who looked at them should be ashamed. But she also mentioned that she had nothing to apologize for. She was in a healthy relationship and it was not her fault that it got released to the public. I agree. When I attacked Hudgens, I didn’t realize how humiliating this breach of privacy must have been for her.  I also didn’t realize that none of that was truly her fault and it was not my business or anyone else’s. No one should have to go through that. Especially considering Hudgens has fallen victim once again. I will not make the same mistake my fourth grade self made.

And photos keep being released.

Nude images of female celebrities alike have been released one after the other after being stolen from the Apple iCloud.

The first male victim Nick Hogan, son of former wrestler Hulk Hogan, has been identified in the fourth wave of photos from the “iCloud hackers.”

The online forum 4Chan has either released or threatened to release over 100 celebrity nude photos.

It is time that we take a different perspective on nude photos. It is not OK to blame the subject anymore.  Celebrities should not be afraid that their privacy is going to continually breached. These are not cute hackers, these are cyber-thieves and sexual offenders who deserve be treated like most wanted criminals. No more celebrities should feel that shame and we should do whatever it takes to support them.






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