Blog: Indecisive intros

Connor Oswald, JagWire reporter

I’m still not sure how to start this blog, this conversation with an audience I’m pretty sure is non-existent. Do I go with a dramatic intro? Should I make it verbose? The type of intro that leaves your heart pounding so fiercely against your ribs that it feels like they’re going to break?

Maybe I could try and cast a shining hook into your gaping mouth and to try and reel you in? To capture and weave a web of words around you, until there is no hope to escape?

Or do I start with something simple, a few words and concise sentences? Because everyone knows that the world is already dramatic enough.

Would I rather start with a question? Should I make you think? Should I make you wonder? Do I want you to throw yourself at this writing, hoping that somewhere deep inside it there is an answer, even though it it simply me haphazardly throwing ideas onto paper?

Perhaps I should copy someone else’s ideas, steal from someone wiser? Because honestly, I can hardly straighten out my own thoughts.

On the other hand I could try to make you laugh; try and exercise some wit and humor to put you at ease. But then I’d have to actually be funny, and from the look on your still-blank faces, I’m not.

But there is also a 17 percent chance that I just might decide to bombard you with statistics. I like the odds of them catching your attention.

Or I might even decide to compare two things, make if feel like this writing could relate to you or your life, because it definitely doesn’t right now.

I also kind of like the idea of spinning a tale. Could I catch your eye with a clever story, full of hope and dread? But maybe, it would help if before writing this, I knew what I wanted to say.

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