Lizzie’s Lists of Helpful How-To’s: How to make the most out of your Homecoming week

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This week my friends, is the most hectic yet fun week of the school year. Yes, it is Homecoming week. Yesterday was “Which Witch” day where students could choose to be a bad or good witch. I personally decided to go with the bad witch simply because pink repulses me and I coincidentally have a large amount of black clothing in my closet. The rest of the week will be just as fun as with many events and creative spirit days. Even if this week isn’t your favorite, here are a few tricks to make the most out of your Homecoming week.

1. For spirit days, I highly recommend dressing up with the theme. It’s fun and if you think you’re “too cool,” well that’s impossible. I mean, how many other times in your life will you be able to say that you didn’t get judged as you walked around looking like you just fought through a tornado?

2. Appreciate the decorations while you can, they won’t be up for long. If you haven’t noticed yet, you should really pay more attention, but the school is pretty colorful at the moment. Each class hallway is decked out in their class color. Every year it’s so fun to walk under all the decorations and lights. Sadly they’re taken down when the week is over and our hallways return to being plain and boring, so seriously, admire it while you can.

3. Please, please, please go to the events. There’s a parade, bonfire and pep rally on Wednesday and a pep assembly, football game and the crowning of Homecoming royalty on Friday with the actual dance taking place on Saturday. If you go to any of these I guarantee you that you will be able to feel the excited energy of the people around you. It’s truly a great experience to partake in.

4. Don’t stress about what you’re wearing or if you have a date for the dance. A lot of the time, people place too much importance on having the most expensive attire, eating at the fanciest restaurant and having a date. But think about it, a month from now no one will remember if you had on a $10 dress or a $100 one. No one will remember if you ate at a 5-star restaurant or McDonald’s. And in all honesty, the significance people place on bringing a date to Homecoming is stupid. A lot of people would rather have a date that they barely know or do not like rather than go alone and this astonishes me. If you do not want to go to Homecoming then don’t, but if you do and you’re only not attending because you don’t have a date then you really should go. Chances are you’ll have way more fun dancing comfortably with your friends rather than shuffling awkwardly with a stranger.

5. Keep it classy. Spirit days are to see who has the most spirit, not who is willing to show the most skin. The Homecoming candidates are to honor the most charismatic seniors in school, not to stir up drama. The dance is not a club- this is high school, please act accordingly. You’ll be able to enjoy the experience more if you don’t drag people down by talking about them behind their backs, you can actually move and breathe in your dancing attire and you aren’t fogged with the effects of drugs and/or alcohol.

Seriously guys, this week is a treat that can be uniting and exciting for the school but it only takes one person to ruin it. If you do not like homecoming, that’s okay but don’t complain- StuCo has spent hours planning this. Remember to keep it light-hearted and fun. Steer clear of drama by respecting yourself and those around you, and just try to make the most out of the week whether you’re a fan of it or not. Have a great Homecoming week!

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